New Year = Fresh Possibilities

Happy New Year

2018 has certainly come in like a roaring polar bear (lion just didn't sound cold enough). As we enter the New Year we often hear lots of musings about New Year's resolutions. This fresh start can be a nice time to work on bettering ourselves. As I've been watching public proclamations roll in on social media I've noticed plenty of the usual weight loss chatter but also several socially positive resolutions. My favorite so far is the idea of being kinder to others & ourselves. Whether that's forgiving myself after falling off the sugar-free wagon (seriously, it's only the 3rd!) or practicing more positive self-talk. The concept of not being quite so hard on others and myself is one I hope to stick with for the long term. But, like all new things, I expect to stumble a bit as I get started and will surely need a few reminders along the way. In good news my children are great at pointing out my flaws so they'll be good at keeping me on my toes.

All joking aside, I did not set a resolution for 2018. Rather I am focusing on the intention to take care of my mind & body as needed. In 2018 I will take care of myself so that I can be fully present and caring to those around me. And I cannot think of a simpler start than staying well hydrated. I noticed this fall that I wasn't reaching for my water bottle nearly enough. I've talked about cutting back on coffee numerous times but that just hasn't happened. So in an effort to get myself to drink more water I'm going to make it more enticing. And here is where it gets fun. Infused water. It still counts as water but it's fancy, pretty water.  And who wouldn't want to drink pretty water? 

Strawberry mojito water

There are no less than 10 billion recipes on Pinterest for infused water. The options are endless and quite frankly, overwhelming. Whether you're looking to really jazz it up: strawberry mojito... or if you want to keep it simple: lemon... there is an option to fancy up your water. Here are a few recipes to inspire your hydration:

  • Berry Medley: Strawberry + Raspberry + Blueberry + Blackberry (any or all- use what you like!)
  • Cucumber + Watermelon + Rosemary
  • Lemon + Lime
  • Raspberry + Lime
  • Pineapple + Mint
  • Strawberry + Basil
  • Strawberry Mojito: Strawberry + Mint + Lime + Cucumber
  • Cherry + Lime

Rinse your produce. Cut it up. Throw it in a glass or water bottle. The best flavor will happen after it has a chance to rest and the flavors have blended. When using herbs, I tore a few of the leaves to better release the flavor. I also punctured the flesh of the fruit to aid in the infusion process.

The variety doesn't have to end with produce and herbs. This afternoon I added raspberries and lime to my sparkling water. It was like my own personalized La Croix! You could also try infusing coconut water or aloe vera juice both of which tout electrolytes. But if you're looking to keep it extra simple in 2018 you can purchase frozen, pre-cut produce at the grocery store and toss it in an infusion bottle and hit the road. Bonus! The frozen fruit will keep your water chilled as it adds flavor. You can't really go wrong. Okay, maybe skip the Jalapeño + Strawberry infusion unless you're all about living on the edge in this new year. You do you and keep up the good work.


*plugs in my heated blanket, sips my Cucumber + Watermelon + Rosemary infusion and pretends I'm on the beach*